Education and Scholarships

We've all experienced it before at some point in our lives. That teary moment when you're separated from a close friend because one of you is moving to a new school, and a private school for that matter. Or, most of your close friends attend a certain private school but your parents just can't afford it. Whatever the case may be, the appeal of private schooling is alluring to all. In comparison to public schools, the food is better, the facilities are more superior and the opportunities are boundless. scholarships for private schools are there for student's who are able to rise above the bar and claim them. The only difficult part is inadequate informative material on how to access bursaries. You've certainly knocked on the right door!

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Let The Statistics Speak For Themselves

Facts are stubborn things and if you haven't realised that by now then get ready to be suffocated! Our study will focus on Britain.

*In 2015 alone, scholarships to the tune of 850m were awarded to successful applicants. From this figure, the schools themselves footed 700 of the bill. This according to a survey conducted by the independent schools Council. Amazing, right! Especially if you consider the equivalent of that in US dollars is in excess of US 1 billion. When you stack the odds you can safely assume you already have one foot through the door by just reading this article.

*A quarter of students in the UK are, in one way or another, receiving some sort of student assistance.

*The average figure for financial assistance per studentyear stands at approximately 5,345.

*The slowest rise in school fees in over two decades was experienced in the same year, which was 3.5.

*A sizable chunk of scholarships take the form of fees cuts. Take Rendcom College in Cirencester for instance. As an institution they have endorsed a move to cut fees by a third for 6th form students.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Scholarships take a myriad of forms. From sports scholarships, government social welfare programs, to science bursaries, it is all about knowing what is ideal for you.

The children of divorced parents have found favour in some jurisdictions, whilst in others, membership of a particular church, organisation or society may be a prerequisite. Means-based scholarships are those that take a breadwinner's current earnings into consideration as workers below a certain wage bracket are almost certain to get preference. However, qualification for assistance is not automatic in every single case.

Play Your Part

I wasn't not lucky enough to get a scholarship during my school days but I've had a priceless opportunity to walk a few primary school cricket enthusiasts through the process, albeit with no real success. However, it was an eye-opener for a few reasons.

To start with, nothing is ever guaranteed. Just because you can play cover drives more elegantly than Sachin Tendulkar himself doesn't mean you will get in. You have to offer much more. Hillcrest College was interested in awarding cricket scholarships to two primary school students I was mentoring. They were perfect for it. They both came from poor backgrounds, they were extremely talented and one of them was doing well in his studies. Sadly, they couldn't land the scholarships they had so dutifully dedicated their time and effort to obtaining.

It was a learning curve though. When the parents went for the interview they were too well dressed for the supposed poor background they had alluded to previously. Not to say that they should have gone there dressed in rags to solicit sympathy, but trust me, if you claim to be poor and yet you drive a Ferrari, questions will be raised. The other problem was age. They were both turning 15 and yet they were going into form 1.

Anyway, I could write well into the sunset but space isn't so gracious. I therefore urge you to follow up on further posts for this just a tip of the iceberg. Happy hunting!